Bridal Wear For Marathi Bride

Among many communities living in India, Marathi people perhaps have the simplest and least lavish marriage ceremony. Maharashtra exhibits a culture that is a mix of the Aryan and Dravidian culture which means it has influences from north Indian culture and south Indian culture. The wedding ceremony is interwoven in Marathi traditions and rituals known as samskaras or sacraments.

The Marathi wedding usually takes place in the morning because mostly the auspicious time for marriage is in the morning or afternoon in day light. The marriages are conducted within the community and inter-caste marriages are not much appreciated.

Maharashtrians believe in arranged marriages and the parents with their sons/daughters consent look for a suitable match. According to them, marriage is a sacrament where a union binds two individuals into a life long togetherness and makes them one. The community and its members progresses and grows with such alliances. Marriages in India are one of those festive seasons where all the relatives wear traditional dresses to celebrate the new beginning of the future couple. The Indian bride and the groom look exceptional in their wedding attires and are center of attraction.

Maharashtrians brides represent the feminine and true depiction of a Hindu bride. On her wedding day she wears a nine yard long saree which is draped on her in a Marathi style. The color of the saree has to be green banarasi or kanjivaram saree with a thick border in golden embroidery. The hairs are tied neatly into a bun and a bunch of flowers usually jasmine or some other white flower is put over it. The Marathi bride does not wear heavy jewelry but accessorizes with pearls. She wears a pearl chain on her forehead along with a bindi, pearl necklace, a seven pearl earring on each side, a nose ring with nine pearls on the left nostril, green glass bangles known as chzuda is worn along with pearls bangles in hands, gold waist band on the waist and silver toe ring on her feet. After dressing up, it is said the bride becomes an incarnation of Goddess Parvati as she is blessed with marital bliss.

Marathi groom dresses up in dhoti kurta which is usually white in color or preferring other lighter color tone. Like brides saree, groom carries a stole which has thin golden border. The kurta also has self design adding color in his outfit. The head is covered with a Nehru cap or a turban. The basic jewelry that the groom wears is rings in hand fingers and pearl beads around his neck. The groom carries a large cloth on his right shoulder whose one end is tied with brides saree and the ritual of saptapadi is followed. In this ceremony, the couple takes seven rounds around the sacred fire which represents the presence of god.

Both bride and the groom apply mehndi on their palms where the bride applies it on her feet as well. The experience of a Marathi wedding is very different from north or south Indian wedding, but is thoroughly enjoyed by all due to its similar Hindu customs that are followed by all the Hindus in the country.

Preparing To Be A Help Meet – An Overview

The best thing that comes in every woman’s life is marriage. Moreover, it is when a man and a woman decide to live their lives together in a lifetime. That is the reason why many women are planning for the perfect wedding to happen in their lives. Most usual wedding ideas are having the finest places for the ceremony and celebration, a “to-die-for” wedding gown and some other perfect designs for one wedding day. It is good to plan for the wedding, but sometimes the years of marriage itself were unprepared for. In the end, as the married life starts, some women are unprepared to become a good wife and mother to her growing family.

The book, Preparing To Be A Help Meet, shows young women in preparing for their upcoming married life and for other women who wanted to be the best wife and mother. Preparing To Be A Help Meet has some amusing stories of ordinary women in their life before the wedding and as a married woman. Three of the stories are testimonials of women with marriage for about 40 years. The other three stories are testimonials on how God guided them in preparing for their marriage. Those who will read the book will know how God bless their lives before and after the wedding. One good story is about a shy woman with no man to love, called the Hidden Flower, and finds a way for a man to be attracted to her. There are also some stories like the impatient women, also known as the Antsy Babes, which became patient and the Grabbers, or pushy girls.

Other stories found in Preparing To Be A Help Meet are short stories of different situations in marriage. There are narrations with positive outcomes in their married life but some have situations unasked for yet have great lessons to share. Lessons on how to become attractive and become the perfect wife are featured in the book. Those who read the book will know what to do and what not to do as well as what to avoid for a great relationship to flourish.

Preparing To Be A Help Meet show women what men are looking for in a future mate. It is explained why some men are not considering other women and why men wants a certain woman for a wife. At the end of the book are some men having their opinions and comments about the whole book. Even men on the lookout for a good wife will have an apparent idea on how women prepare themselves for a lifetime relationship with a good man.

Even if married life is not as perfect as the wedding, still it is a once in a lifetime experience needing priority and care for it to last long. It is not easily given up and does not have a chance to go back and repeat itself. It is a lifetime relationship of love made in the eyes of God. When God works in your married life, it is much easier and trials are less heavy. Readers will learn to let God be in their lives to bless them and guide them to a happier life.

Get your copy of Preparing To Be A Help Meet and begin proper preparation for marriage. You can also see more books by Debi Pearl at her website.

Blackberry 9105 Smartphone With Innovative Features

The BlackBerry Pearl 3g is an innovatively designed smartphone embedded with features that will make you want to use your phone more often. The BlackBerry 9105 review so far has been very inspiring and many smartphone users have opted for the BlackBerry Pearl 3g. The BlackBerry 9105 on Vodafone Payg equipped with all the smart features that blackberry smartphones are known for, makes it a great buy.

The BlackBerry Pearl 3g is equipped with quad-band networks like EDGE, GPRS and GSM. The BlackBerry 9105 review reiterates its usability and cost effective aspect. However, few main highlights of the BlackBerry Pearl 3g include email, phone, IM and the Internet. It is equipped with a 3.15MP camera and capturing pictures and sharing them is a breeze with the BlackBerry Pearl 3g. The semi-QWERTY keypad and an impressive TFT screen add to the appeal of this handset. There is a touch sensitive optical trackpad making this BlackBerry Pearl 3g a great option.

The BlackBerry 9105 on Vodafone Payg entertains you at play and opting for one is certain to enhance your style statement. That is not all; the BlackBerry 9105 on Vodafone Payg offers seamless Internet and network connectivity. The GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and 3G make the BlackBerry 9105 on Vodafone Payg a versatile smartphone.

The BlackBerry 9105 review has so far been really impressive. There has been a special mention of the trackpad and large display. The ESC option is to the right while the Menu is to the left. The 14-key traditional phone keyboard with SureType technology offers its own dictionary. The backlighting option in BlackBerry Pearl 3g makes it easier to send messages even in the dark. Options to access personal email accounts and avail Google mail, Yahoo mail and instant messaging, enhances the user experience.

The BlackBerry Pearl 3g incorporates connectivity features like Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR). It also supports the mono and stereo wireless headsets for improved music playback. The hands free phone calling and phone book access is much easier with the BlackBerry Pearl 3g. What’s more the handset has a standard 3.5mm stereo jack connection for more traditional head phone sets. The Wi-Fi capability along with tri-band networking facility and UMTS makes it a sure shot winner.

Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter – Do The Real Lyrics Matter

Yellow Ledbetter is probably Pearl Jam’s most simply identifiable song. And yet for the most part individuals have little or no hint what the song’s lyrics are saying at all. The song has unquestionable emotional effect, so it would seem like the lyrics would be of primary weight. Not the state of affairs at this juncture though.

The initial several times individuals hear Yellow Ledbetter, it grabs your attention right from the start. It opens with a ringing yet sparse guitar riff which sets it apart from the bulk of Pearl Jam’s work. It hangs out there and pulls you in with such immediacy that you are involved viscerally prior to the first word is sung. When Eddie Vedder moans out the opening line of lyrics the contrast concerning the decisive guitar and the guttural way he moans the words turns what was already a song holding your engrossed attention into a an emotional experience like none other.

If you look around for lyrics to Yellow Ledbetter, you will notice that there are literally dozens of completely unique versions of what individuals think is being sung. Sorting out the ones which are evidently wrong can take a lot of time, but really isn’t as problematical as you would think. Hip interviews, Eddie Vedder has repeatedly stated that the lyrics alter with just about each performance. It is pretty obvious however, that the main lyrics and their content uphold an integrity to a central theme.

That theme is one of extreme emotional pain. The kind of anguish which comes not solely from the end of a relationship, but from the conclusion of a major part of someone’s life. Is this an opinion? Of course it is, and having listened to the song more times than I can count, I am entitled to it. Listen to it yourself over and over, and look at what it means to you. Listening to it an adequate amount to bring about an impression on you gives entitles each and every one of us to our own analysis of the Yellow Ledbetter lyrics.

How do I know this to be accurate? Because if this were not the kind of piece that Pearl Jam wonted to be seen this way, they would have made good and certain that we had a lyric sheet with the verses and chorus nailed down specifically. A song like Don Mclean;s American Pie is necessarily precise with cultural and historical references exclusive of which the song would make no sense. Yellow Ledbetter is an entirely unique beast, with more in common with a Tom Waits ballad with it’s droning incoherent mass of words and images than it does even the bulk of Pearl Jam’s own work.

The more I listen to Yellow Ledbetter, the more I get out of it. Building on what I had already gotten from earlier listenings and expanding the scope and influence of what has to be acknowledged as one amazing song. To me the hallmark of any work of art is whether is can stand up to constant exposure and continue to inspire some kind of emotional reaction, and does that reaction evolve with time. Does it resonate differently for it’s audience as their lives transform?

By this, or just about any other test Pearl Jam has a masterpiece in Yellow Ledbetter. It meets these standards with ease…

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Best Deals For Freshwater Pearls Sold On-line

If you are shopping for freshwater pearls on the internet but are afraid of getting ripped offyou need the FREE REPORT entitled 20 Insider Secrets for Finding the Best Deals on Pearls and Fine Jewelry Sold On-line.

I have been a well-known international designer my entire life. You may have seen me on Home Shopping Network, The Shopping Channel in Canada, Jupiter Shop Channel in Japan or perhaps you have worn clothing or jewelry that I have designed for famous fashion houses such as Oleg Cassini, Bill Blass, Rafaella, Colleen Lopez of Home Shopping Network, or
Ivanna Trump of The Shopping Channel of Canadajust to name a few. I am a seasoned designer and an expert in freshwater pearl jewelry. One might say I have my “BLACK-BELT” in shopping!

I have lived in China for many years and have produced jewelry designs in pearl jewelry, freshwater pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, bridal jewelry, and jewelry with semi-precious stones for the biggest and the Best names in the business! Being able to speak basic Mandarin Chinese helped me to develop freshwater pearls with the pearl farmers in the province of Zhuji in Maniland China.

Pearls take 2 to 4 years to grow and develop “nacre” before they can be harvested. One must have patience. However, China has a huge land mass and natural lakes and freshwater ponds which are a perfect habitat for growing freshwater pearls.

Freshwater cultured pearls come from freshwater mussels and are produced by the countries of Japan, China, and the United States. Freshwater shell and pearl mussels are from the species called Unionidae, from which about 20 different varieties are commercially harvested. The tones of the freshwater cultured pearls are dictated by the mother shell. White is the most common color for natural pearls, followed by pink. Other colors depend on the type of mussels.

Freshwater pearls and cultured pearls are one in the same. The pearls are grown in freshwater and cultured to encourage natural nacre and a deep luster. Some people think cultured pearls are fake pearls. They are not. They are real pearls. Farm-raised pearls are real pearls grown in fresh water from mussels while saltwater pearls are grown from oysters. The chemical which creates nacre produced by the freshwater pearl mussel that
forms the pearls is identical to the chemical produced by the saltwater pearl oyster.

When a foreign material such as a piece of shell, a bead, or muscle tissue is inserted into a mussel and cannot be expelled; the live mollusk, in order to reduce irritation, coats the irritant with the a secretion which it uses for shell-building called nacre. Nacre is the pearlized luster surface which covers the pearls.

In order to culture freshwater mussels, pearl farmers slightly open their shells, cutting slits into the mantle tissue. They insert small pieces of live mantle tissue or other irritant shapes into those slits. In
freshwater mussels that insertion alone is sufficient to start nacre production which is similar to tearing. The mussels tear just as a human eye would tear if an irritant were in the eye. Most cultured freshwater pearls are composed entirely of nacre, just like their natural freshwater and natural saltwater shells.

Now China is in what we call the Cultured Pearl Revolution. Starting in the 1990s, China surprised the world gem market with products that are revolutionizing pearling. The shapes, luster, and colors of the new Chinese production often match original Japanese Biwah quality and sometimes even surpass it.

A designers life work is showing people how to do something they have never done before. My experience of living and working in China for many years has given me a unique insight into the world of freshwater pearls. I have watched the pearl industry grown for many years. I have compiled a detailed report of information that can really help you.

The Internet is a bit daunting for us all, so many places and so many dealsbut who do you trust? You need to be a savvy shopper. I have been the shoppers shopper my entire design career and I am sharing my confidential secrets that I use when I am buying jewelry for the shopping channels, the stores, and the catalogs. Shopping on the internet is the
same purchasing on television shopping or buying from a catalog, in fact it is easier and much better.

The Internet is fast and furious and its here to stay, so lets take learn how to use it to our best advantage! Shopping should be fun and easy!

An educated consumer knows how to navigate the internet and find the Best Deals.

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