Shecy Pearl Jewelry High Quality With Affordable Price

Recently, many ladies keep asking us why Shecy can offer such wonderful pearls with high quality but at such low prices. I would like to get rid of these doubts about the price and quality issue for you and speak out the biggest secret quality of Shecy pearl jewelry.

As every knows that there are few countries around world provide dirty cheap labor force, and China is one of them, especially the workforce in medium city because of the low cost for living. And thats exactly where Shecy Pearl Jewelry headquarters locating Guilin, a medium city in south China. The location of Shecy Pearl jewelry headquarters tells a lot. For example, Shecy pays no more than $2000 for more than 2000 square meters brand new office building with river view monthly. Is there possibility to rent even a group team room in New York City within this budget? And Shecy gets more benefits from the wonderful location. Such as maintain low cost for salary, employees afternoon tea, travel expense from pearl farm which it locates just next province to Guilin, etc.

At the same time, Shecy Pearl Jewelry runs an effective way to maintain the high quality of products. For example, Shecy has got its own pearl farm and processing basement. The sale assistances of Shecy keep a close relation with them. When they order the products, they dont just send the order form; they contact the farmer by phone and confirm the quality grade is exactly what they want. If the quality grade of the pearls that they received is not the same as they thought, they will talk to the farmer immediately and ask for return. And thanks for the working hard employees of Shecy Pearl Jewelry; these processes will not extend for more than three days.

There is a very important fact about the quality: good quality deserves big money. Shecy Pearl Jewelry sells pearls from grade AAA to A+ and Shecy uses a stick pearl grading system which is according to the GIA (The Gemological Institute of America) original Pearl Grading System, including the quality factors size, shape, luster, nacre thickness and surface. And all of them are double checked by Shecy trained crowds and professional gemologist. A high quality of Shecy pearl ring does really look totally different from A+ grade one. There is no doubt that Better quality, higher price. We can compare with them by the picture showing below to tell how difference they are. Even both of them come from Shecy.

And there are some other factors affect the prices and quality: the type of precious metal and the side stones. With the same pearl, Diamond side stone 18 K gold ring is certainly more expensive then zircon 925 silver ring. So, material and quality both can decide the price of the pearl jewelry.

As you see, the biggest secret of Shecy High quality, reasonable prices is according to the economic theory and practice: low price depends on the low expense of business, type of material of the pearl jewelry and the quality of the pearl. I am sure that after reading this report about Shecy pearl quality, all of clients can be a well educated consumer and will never be fooled by gossip any more.

Zodiac Sign-Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancerians, the crabs, square measure usually terribly innovative and have inventive views for everything they get to examine. This makes them totally different from the folks of different zodiac signs. They belong to the cluster of emotional folks. they need emotional and religious bonding with their favourite ones and friends. once it comes for family, it is you, WHO square measure perpetually there for them. Even more, you’ll risk your career and cash, and even health for the promise, that you created a jiffy back to your friends. Being a cancerian Associate in Nursingd an religious spirit, you wish to be enclosed naturally. The places that you just square measure keen on square measure jungle, zoo, river bank, etc. Being a nature lover, you’re additionally a pious person. you’re terribly non secular, and don’t feel your day is completed while not providing prayers.

Let us state another aspects of your temperament. you’re a reserved person, if moon, your ruling planet, is in your favor, you will show tendencies of extroverts. this is often the foremost confusing facet of your persona. you wish to require time for yourself, and through now, you self-examine yourself and check out to beat your sorrows and negativity.

You are pleased with your family, friends and favourite ones. Cancerians will attend the intense purpose of affection and compassion of their family. to keep up your bonding along with your shut ones, Cancer Daily Horoscope suggests you that you just ought to begin sporting your lucky Gem, Pearl, in a ring. to draw in some a lot of favors nowadays, you must wear shirt of your lucky color White.

More new things could return your manner nowadays, which is able to be useful in returning future.

Work And Career: you’re a born worker, and have full trust in destiny. you suspect that you just square measure attending to build everything doable along with your hard man ship. As you’re quite inventive and emotional, employment of care-taking one thing or somebody are going to be the most effective job for you. you will realize your resource as a lecturer, nurse, doctor, cordial reception skilled, gardener, etc. you’re not Associate in Nursing over-spending guy, thus you mostly have handsome bank balance as compared to different members of your shut ones..

Health: you’re a medium engineered person, with a spherical face and a firmness in your eyes. you’re of an inventive person with an attractive hand and palm. it’s foretold for you to take care of warmth waves, as you may get affected.

Relationships: you’re ruled by Moon, and square measure a peaceful, peace lover person in relationships. you’re a heavy lover, usually you are doing not get into relationships, however once you’re in, you’re truly in. Cancerians love their partners from the deepest purpose of their heart. whereas selecting between love and sex, cancerians would opt for love as they feel that love is that the most vital part during this world. Cancer daily horoscope hints that you just may expertise some pleasant surprises from your partner, later within the day.

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Mother Of Pearl Jewelry Goes With Every Outfit

Mother of pearl jewelry is among the prettiest and more versatile collections of accessories that a woman can wear. Given that a woman can put on a simple yet elegant necklace and matched pair of earrings to go out in the use of pearls is something that is pleasing to the eye without being overboard. Worn with an evening gown or with a pair of jeans the right pieces of jewelry add to the mystery of a woman without being too flashy or gaudy. While gold and silver have their place a one of a kind necklace that is created from a strand of pearls adds to any outfit that a woman can wear.

As a man who appreciates when a woman dresses up for him, I like to see the more unusual pieces of jewelry being worn when I am escorting my wife out to dinner or a play. While she owns a collection of gold and silver necklaces and pendants it is the sophistication of mother of pearl that looks the most amazing on her. Whether we are having a casual lunch together or dressing up for an evening that requires a more formal approach to our attire the accents of jewelry only enhance the beauty of the woman that I married.

On the occasions when my wife is dressed down she still finds an item of jewelry to complete her look. With natural gemstone jewelry she can adorn her neck with a pendant that is tasteful and elegant while still being casual in jeans and a blouse. Like many women that love to accessorize with items of jewelry that are unique in their design I find that my wife appreciates the gifts that I give her. Whether for her birthday or our anniversary or at other times of the year when I come across a piece of jewelry that I think she will enjoy I make it a point to purchase gifts that are thoughtful and that I know she will appreciate.

Although I do not give jewelry as often as I would like to, I do find that I am rewarded at the times when I surprise my sweetheart with a new set of earrings or mother of pearl jewelry that is perfect for any occasion. A romantic at heart I know that when it comes to my wife I want her to always look her best which is why I make it a point to complement her daily and treat her like the beautiful queen that she is.

Stringing Choices For Beading And Jewelry Making

One very important lesson I learned is that there is no one, all-purpose (Universal) stringing material.

Here are the major stringing materials along with how and when to use each of them.

SILK THREAD: Silk has a wondrous “hand” (a soft, flexible feel). This thread comes in many sizes and colors. It comes packaged on spools, and “carded” with an attached needle. This is a classic stringing material and forms beautiful knots between pearls and beads. But, silk tends to be relatively fragile. It can stretch, be cut by abrasive beads, rot when wet, and pearls strung on silk should be re strung every few years. It is best to use silk when stringing pearls and lightweight, smooth-holed beads, only. A needle is necessary.

NYLON THREAD: (Nymo): This thread also comes in many sizes and colors. It comes packaged on spools, on bobbins, and “carded” with a needle attached. Nylon can be used where-ever silk can and is not as fragile. This material knots beautifully and can be used for pearl stringing, in some strung jewelry, seed beadwork, loom weaving, for Peyote and other specialty stitches, and heishi.

Nylon stretches much less than silk, and it won’t rot when wet. Like silk, you shouldn’t use beads with sharp edged holes or that are heavy. When you use nylon thread, I would recommend you coat your thread with bee’s wax or “Thread HeavenTM” before use to prevent it from fraying. A needle is necessary.

BONDED NYLON: This is a much stronger form of nylon thread. The strands are physically bonded together for extra strength and abrasion protection. Although it knots well, it doesn’t have the hand of silk. Bonded nylon comes in a variety of colors and smaller spools. Because of its abrasion resistance, you can use it with “hard”, more abrasive gem beads; in fact this comes close to being a “Universal Thread”. Brand names include: “Stringth” or “Silkon”. A needle is necessary, although you can put “Super Glue” on the end to form a “Self-needle”. This is a favorite beading material of mine.

FISHING LINE: This material is a hard, semi-rigid, single strand of plastic. It doesnt knot well, and in time sunlight or ultraviolet light can cause it to weaken and fall apart. Fishing line is purchased on small spools and is sold in sporting goods stores. Personally, I use fishing line for two purposes. I use it to do my preliminary stringing while I am designing a necklace (I transfer the beads to a better material for the final product), and to string together “raw” strands of beads. There is no needle necessary. I would never use this material for a final beaded piece.

Bridal Headpieces For A Summer Wedding

Summer is widely considered to be the most beautiful time to get married. With abundant sunshine, warm nights and gentle breezes, its no wonder May through August is the most popular time for weddings. Brides have many fantastic options when it comes to summer wedding attire, especially in the headpiece department. Savvy summer brides are opting for light, elegant headpieces to complete their perfect ensemble.

Flower Power

Nothing says summer like flowers. Hair flowers are gaining popularity among chic summer brides. Flowers lend beauty and charm to any look. Trend-setting brides with a flair for the dramatic will love the Pinwheel Feather Flower Clip with Rhinestone Center. This large, feathery accent is perfect for wedding hairstyles requiring a single flower.
For sophisticated updos, the Bridal Set of Four Gardenia Flower Hair Coils is stunning. Small satin gardenias accented with a delicate spray of Swarovski crystal rhinestones lend grace to your wedding hairstyle.
Seeking an exotic summer look? Youll swoon over the Bridal Satin Orchid Flower on Comb with Pearls and Crystals. This sturdy comb features a gorgeous satin orchid accented with feather sprays, delicate freshwater pearls and just the right amount of bling: Swarovski marquise crystals and rhinestones.

Tasteful Tiaras

These posh headpieces scream glamour, luxury and fortune, and are rapidly becoming the headpiece of choice for warm-weather wives-to-be.
Planning to show off a summer tan on your special day? Go for gold. The Brushed Metallic Leaf Tiara will complement your glow with its soft gold color. This gorgeous tiara features a striking leaf motif, and is embellished with rhinestones and freshwater pearls so perfect for summer!
Another option: the Gold Tiara with Metal Flower Design and Crystals, a tall, soft gold piece accented with crystals and rhinestones.
Princess brides will love the Bridal Open Regal Style Tiara with Crystals. This dazzling tiara oozes opulence with its grand design of Swarovski rhinestone flowers and multi-size Swarovski accent rhinestones.
For tiara lovers desiring a light, summery look, try the Crystal Tiara becomes a Necklace. The name says it all. This delicate crystal tiara is the epitome of elegance. After the ceremony, simply transfer it from your head to your neck for a striking reception look.

Classic Headbands

This headpiece option ranks high among brides planning to walk down the aisle in especially high and/or humid temperatures. Summer brides, always remember that bangs and humidity frequently dont get along well. Unless your bangs are 100% humidity resistant, consider wearing a headband on your special day. Your wedding photos will thank you. Adorned with beads, pearls or crystals, headbands offer fuss-free, sophisticated style to any wedding ensemble.
Girlie girls are all about the Headband with Chunky Crystals & Pearl Clusters. This oh-so-chic headband is perfect for brides who demand high glamour. Great for posh, formal evening weddings and high-class receptions. Sleek, modern and stylish, the Bridal Silver Crystal Geometric Headband features a smooth, silver headband of clear Swarovski crystals set in a geometric pattern; an elegant summer look.
Love deco style? The uniquely fabulous Rhinestone Headband with Side Spray Feather/Flower is festive, fun and lends a chic, vintage look. The side spray feather/flower features a rhinestone sparkle for just the right touch of glitz.

Creative Pins and Combs

These decorative hair accessories are ideal for both traditional and modern hairstyles. Typically adorned with crystals, pearls, rhinestones or flowers, they can be worn in many ways. Pull hair back on one side and secure with a comb for a warm, inviting look. Scatter embellished pins throughout an updo for striking elegance. With pins and combs, its all about experimenting until you find just the right look. Be sure to experiment far ahead of your special day so youll have your perfect look ready to go when its time to hit the aisle.
For timeless elegance, choose the Set of 6 Silver Hairpins Accented with Pearls. Wear these in your updo for a classic accent. They are the perfect accent to any wedding hairstyle, period. Glamour gals will adore the Rhodium Floral Comb. Embellished with pave set rhinestones, this vintage-inspired stunner will unquestionably wow your guests, not to mention him.

Veils, Veils, Veils!

Last, but certainly not least: the bridal veil. Dignified, graceful and timeless, veils are known as the perfect finishing touch. There are countless veil styles available, but for summer weddings, shorter veils are best. For a chic, sassy look, pair the Bridal Russian Net Facial Blusher Veil with a flower comb underneath.
The Short Pencil Edge Veil Embellished with Pearl Clusters and Rhinestones is dainty and feminine; the perfect lightweight veil for classic summer brides. Tradition meets glamour with the Bridal Short One-Tier Scallop Edge Veil with Crystal Embellishment. Adorned with clear bugle beads and Swarovski crystals, this veil is still surprisingly light and airy enough for warm weather weddings.
With so many bridal headpiece options for summer weddings, youre sure to find the perfect look to create a fabulous finish for your special day. Congratulations to you, the blushing bride, and your dashing groom!

Pearl Rope Necklaces A Different Way To Make A Fashion Statement

Pearls are todays finest fashion jewelry for instant elegance and look of class and sophistication. They are considered as prized gems that bring out the best in the woman wearing it. They are worn in different forms of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and frequently worn on special occasions such as weddings and family gatherings.

Pearl necklaces are a favorite of women the world over. A pretty top, cardigan, jeans or a long evening gown can be matched up with almost any pearl necklace.

One of the most popular type of pearl necklace is called rope pearl necklace. Rope pearl necklaces are a long strand of pearls at least 36 inches in length.
Often considered to be one of the most dramatic type of pearl necklaces, It can be worn on a casual day or with an evening waer to make it more elegant and sexy.

Since pearl ropes are lengthy, there are various ways for you to wear it. Have you ever tried experimenting with them? If not, then check out these various ways to wear your pearl ropes and make a cool statement in fashion:

Try doubling your pearls to make a double strand necklace, or even tripled to create a stunning multi-strand pearl choker. This would be perfect for an open neckline gowns or tube dresses.

Tie it in a knot, or tangle it nonchalantly in half-length to get that sophisticated and charming modern look reminiscent of the 1920s fashion.

Excite the crowd with your V-back or backless dress accentuated with the beauty of a rope necklace draped over the shoulder and knotted in the back.

Some rope pearls with several clasps can be broken down into different necklace and bracelet combinations.

Mix and match your pearls with two or more strands of various lengths and color to make a fashion statement.

Wrap your pearl necklace several times around your wrist for that chic and bold bracelet.

Get everyday gorgeous and wear your ropes stunningly with an unbuttoned neckline of a blouse or shirt.

If you want to try something different, wrap your pearls around your waist to serve as an elegant belt matched with your one piece dress or gown.

The versatility of these pearl ropes are endless. Instead of letting it hang down in one big swoop, which is the most common pattern, there are other exciting ways for you to wear your lovely strands of pearls.

Tacori Bridal Evening Head Of Hair Pin Featured In Bride Wars

Tacori has now released to the public the Tacori Bridal evening hair follicules pin which was Wedding hair pins designed for the film “Bride Wars”. Anne Hathaway as her character Emma, wore the head of hair pin in her ceremony scenes established inside Plaza Resort, and it really is best since the “something blue” for any bride-to-be.
This specific Tacori bridal hair pin is really a handmade delicate yellow flower having a very white heart. The stone flower is created working with faceted jade and seems a tiny like a “forget-me-not” flower. The five petals are orange jade surrounding a central circle of bright white jade. The delicately sparkling stamen rising out from the centre are cleverly designed from sterling silver. The flower is arranged upon a handcrafted and worked strong sterling silver curly hair pin.
The Tacori marriage hair accent would seem just as amazing on a bride-to-be with an up-do, or together with her hair out.
“Something borrowed, some thing purple, Hair accessories outdated, something new.” A excellent benefit of this kind of bridal accent is the truth that it can quickly develop into a household heirloom. The gem stones and sterling silver are heading to search just as great in your daughter in many years to appear as the ancient and borrowed, as they’ll on you now, new and orange.
Tacori bridal night hair accessories are also available in other floral styles and shades. You’ll find a number of four petal styles to choose from. There is a vary of bridal acceptable colorings which includes a extremely elegant very white, made from vibrant topaz, mom of pearl and Swarovski crystal. To the bride-to-be in search of a tiny subtle splash of coloration there’s an totally exquisite 4 petal flower inside a extremely gentle peach produced from freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal.
There is also a white colored 5 petal flower hair pin really comparable in layout to the featured blue from “Bride Wars”. This flower attributes white petals created from mom of pearls having a vibrant topaz middle and Swarovski crystals for a tiny subtle sparkle.
As with any Tacori jewellery or Tacori marriage ceremony accent, these head of hair pins are completely created by hand by qualified artisans within the United States.
Tacori bridal evening add-ons are also offered as tiaras, Hair accessories, necklaces, and earrings.
Your Tacori retailer can prepare a exclusive order for the Tacori blue floral bridal hair follicules pin. On the time of publication the cost was approximately $93.